2015/10/15 19:40:21


In the history of Beijing, the part is to appreciate as the center of the Royal aristocrats of Beijing; part is by a footbridge for civilians on behalf of Beijing. Is the civilian population of Beijing to create the Royal aristocratic Beijing.

To bridge shopping, one is to buy some daily necessities, a purpose is watching to see a variety of folk art; another is to bridge the feeding stalls taste inexpensive flavor of food.

Mention Beijing, will have to mention the overpass. "Wine flag drum play bridge city, many visitors not to cherish the memory of home", at the end of the Qing Dynasty famous poet Yi Shunding in the flyover song "wrote so popular verse. In the early years of the Republic, the real form for the prosperity of the civilian market, has been regarded as a typical region of the old Beijing civilian society. As a famous scholar without in the flyover list in the "preface" to the "flyover, due to Peiping subordinate people meet Qixi also. Into one, and in social customs, is evident."

Because of the rise of the market and the prosperity of the development of the bridge, and this market is for the general public, cultural entertainment and commercial services as a whole, the text of the combination, mutual promotion. Its rise is not only an economic phenomenon, but also a cultural phenomenon. Bridge in its development process, the gradual formation of a unique culture of the bridge of the bridge, because of its roots in the civilian population, although it has been through the vicissitudes of life, but can not decline.